Summer Meetup Announced!

Announcing the 2012 RMDC Summer Meetup taking place next month in Denver! We will be getting together for an informal networking session with Denver area domain name investors, entrepreneurs and web developers. —-> RSVP via email or Facebook

Date: Thursday, August 23rd 7:00pm
Location: TBA

Thanks to Ron Jackson for the coverage in yesterday’s Lowdown! From DNJournal:

Next month a Rocky Mountain Summer Meetup will be hosted in Denver, Colorado by Michael Law who staged the February 2011 Rocky Mountain Domain Conference in the Mile High City. With the help of Mike Awada, Law is going to a different format this year with a pair of meet ups planned rather than a single conference. The first of those is scheduled for 7pm on Thursday, August 23 at a downtown Denver location to be announced soon.

The meet up will give Denver area domain name investors, entrepreneurs and web developers (and those who want to come in from out of town) a chance to network in an informal atmosphere. Law and Awada set up a Facebook page for the event where you can get additional meet up information as it becomes available.

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RMDC 2011 Event Recap

* Read DNJournal’s coverage of RMDC 2011

The inaugural Rocky Mountain Domain Conference was held in Downtown Denver, Colorado.  Rick Waters of Webcast One, Inc summed up the conference location best in his recent press release:

“The event was held at a gorgeous Victorian mansion (which is actually the home of the Russian Consulate of Denver), where the attendees of the RMDC were treated with fine Western hospitality by Mike Law and his staff. This unique setting gave this regional domain conference a special character and the warmth of the building put attendees and speakers at ease.”

The event was sponsored by and and supported by  In total, thirty three attendees registered.  Many of the attendees were locals, some of which were attending their first domain conference.   Despite a dusting of snow on that came through the Denver metro area on Friday, the weather warmed up to almost 50F and sunny for the day of the event on Saturday.

Rocky Mountain Domain Conference 2011 started off with a great opening keynote speech delivered by Bill Mushkin, CEO and founder of the local domain name registrar.  Bill really set the tone for an informative day with his keynote speech titled “Facebook’s Daughter”.  Mushkin delivered a very insightful lecture on evolution of naming and went on to speak about the importance of recognizing social media and branding trends.  Bill’s lecture was very warmly received and really got attendees brain juices flowing, a great start to the event.

Rick Waters, CEO of Webcast1 from Del Ray Beach, Florida followed by sharing his insight on the state of the domain industry with a thought provoking proposition that .com name values may be declining and new domain extension values such as .co are on the rise.  His philosophy stems from factors such as website audience leakage to Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps and the general acceptance of newer extensions.  Rick then gave a great Power Point presentation in his field of expertise, the presentation was titled “7 Steps of Premium Domain Development”.

The next speaker was Abdu Tarabichi, CEO of Domains Guru, Inc.  Abdu joined us from Charlotte, North Carolina and delivered a great speech on domain buying and selling strategies that have made him a successful domain broker and reseller.  Many of Abdu’s sales and acquisition strategies were new and interesting to domainers in attendance.

Following Abdu, I (Michael Law) gave the next presentation.  I decided to focus my speech on domain acquisition strategy, the expiring domain market, end user domain sale techniques and then I touched on my preferred investment TLD which second only to .COM is .TV.

Before lunch, each attendee was asked to introduce themselves, state their company or niche of interest and if they wanted, to share a brief summary of their experience with domains.  Lunch was served at 1pm and attendees really made the best of this time to get some serious networking done during the hour lunch break.

Following lunch, I was joined by Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Marketing, LLC in a question and answer session where Braden went in depth on how he utilizes a large portfolio of domain names to create leads for his comprehensive DUI network.  Braden also gave great insight on why parking revenues are declining and how domain development can help domainers achieve higher revenues.  So many conference goers I spoke with this week really enjoyed this session and the structure of this session.  Braden is such a knowledgeable guy in this area we easily could have devoted a half day to this session and not lost the attention of the attendees.

Adam Torkildson, VP of operations at joined us from Utah and was the next speaker.  Adam shared great insight on the importance of branding, data capture and website infrastructure necessary to achieve better SEO results for domain development.  Adam also shared with us a brief history of his experience and knowledge gained from working with previous SEO and marketing companies.  RMDC attendees were informed of a contest in which one lucky RMDC attendee will win a development package from valued at $5,000.

This presentation was followed by a panel featuring Jay Barr, president of JHB International and, Braden Pollock and Rick Waters, the discussion that I moderated.  During the panel discussion Jay, Rick and Braden discussed further opportunities Jay could explore with e-commerce expansion of which is already one of the largest button and textile wholesalers in the world.  I then asked Rick Waters covered the importance and SEO advantage that blogging gives to businesses and individuals alike.  We discussed blogging technique and the difference between paid reviews and organic blog coverage.  Finally, I asked Braden to share details about his most recent business partnership in which he is now a chairman and equity holder of  We discussed ways the Epik platform can be used by domainers and developers as well as the most recent Google algorithm change.

At this point, we were supposed to have a short coffee break but I asked that for the sake of time we could skip the break and continue with our sessions.  The speakers and information was getting very good so I felt  that disruption at this stage would interfere.  I did however take this opportunity to raffle off a great door prize which was won by Hal Meyer of Hog Advertising LLC, Hal made a trip from his home in Idaho to attend RMDC.  The door prize awarded was an 8gb iPod Nano which was furnished by  Thanks!

We skipped the afternoon break and were ready to hear from Mimi Rupp a trademark/new media attorney from Kenyon and Kenyon LLP (New York) who has successfully litigated many high profile domain dispute cases for domainers such as Mrs Jello, LLC, Domain Spa and Future Media Architects.  Mimi gave a very informative speech titled ” Best Practices for UDRP-Proofing Your Most Valuable Domains”.  This presentation was packed with excellent tips for portfolio holders on proven strategies that make it less likely to lose a domain in a UDRP decision or even receive a UDRP.

Annalisa Roger, founder of DotGreen Community Inc in San Francisco gave the next presentation.  Annalisa, coming from a different perspective, shared her knowledge gained from working so closely with ICANN over the last few years in anticipation of submitting the .green application.  Ms Roger provided her estimate on expected timeline for the gTLD approval and implementation as well as many other interesting gTLD facts and charts.  It was great to learn so much about ICANN as well as the new gTLD process, history and future from someone who has been involved and looking to start a registry since 2006.

Jason Boshoff, CEO of Domain Holdings out of Palm Beach Florida rounded out RMDC 2011 with a very high energy, informative keynote speech on premium domain development strategy, domain frame working and finally shared Domain Holdings optimistic stance on the value of domain names and evolution of the domain space.  Jason noted that private six and seven figure domain sales go on in the .com space so frequently that it’s really hard to gauge the state of the domain market by solely looking at auction and aftermarket results.     Jason is originally from South Africa, he has a great presence as a speaker and his cool accent in conjunction with high energy speaking style ended RMDC on a very high note.

Attendees were treated to very nice rucksack gift bags and pint glasses provided by as well as a 2gb USB flash drive which was provided by Mimi Rupp of Kenyon and Kenyon.

The conference concluded a half an hour late but nobody seemed to mind as the attendees and speakers seemed to be buzzing with excitement and continued networking until the lights were dimmed and they were instructed to head to the cocktail reception.  Following the event most of the attendees gathered at Randolph’s inside the Warwick Hotel for free drinks provided by RMDC.  Networking, conversation and good times went on at Randolph’s for about three hours when the remaining group of twelve (including most speakers) decided to head to dinner together in downtown Denver for a taste of local Mexican food at Las Delicias Mexican Restaurant.  Finally, after dinner around 11pm the group dispersed.

The following day Mimi Rupp, Annalisa Roger, Rick Waters and myself headed up to Copper Mountain Resort in Summit County to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding.  Roger, Rupp and Waters all skied and I was the lone snowboarder in the group.  For Annalisa Roger and Rick Waters this was the first time skiing in the mountains of Colorado and for Rick Waters the first time skiing in many years.   The group enjoyed ideal conditions, with soft snow on the groomers (approx 10 inches of new snow fell the 72 hours prior).  We had a nice lunch at a mid mountain restaurant called T-Rex Grill and then enjoyed happy hour food and drinks at Jack’s once we finished skiing and snowboarding.  Our time at Copper Mountain was great fun and very rewarding for everyone.  Although our skiing/snowboarding experience levels varied, we all got to enjoy the snow and scenery, I think it’s safe to say we all had a really great time.

All in all I was so happy with the way the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference 2011 turned out.   I know many things could have been done better and I look forward to hearing some critique.  Attendees I’ve spoken with have had so many positive remarks about RMDC and many were asking if I have plans to continue the conference again next year.  At this point I can’t say I’m 100% certain, but I will say it’s definitely something I am planning for as I move forward from here.

I couldn’t have made RMDC possible without tremendous support from the domain community, top notch help with catering/organizing from my wonderful girlfriend Ana Rosales as well as the Directional Marketing team here in Denver and the great speakers that traveled to Denver from all over the country and really provided excellent, timely information for attendees of RMDC.  I owe a million thanks to everyone that had anything to do with the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference, this includes bloggers that wrote about it, friends in the industry who I spoke with and gave me advice and my family who have supported and encouraged my idea for the organizing a conference from the beginning.

More photos and video will be shared soon on the website.  I’ll be sure to tweet and probably do a follow up post here once I have all the media organized. One thing I will definitely do differently next time is make sure to use social media to create a bigger buzz on conference day. On Saturday I was so focused on the execution of the conference that I even forgot to mention a Twitter hash tag and didn’t encourage attendees to talk it up on their social networks. Well, live and learn.

I have so many more thoughts and insights I want to share about RMDC which I will have to save for a follow up post.

Written by Michael Law (originally posted on

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Ready for Conference Day!

Rocky Mountain Domain Conference – RMDC 2011
Register * Only available online, open through Thursday, Feb 24

1552 Pennsylvania St.
Denver, Colorado 80203

Check-in starting at 10:30 a.m.
Conference starts at 11:00 a.m. ending at 4:00 p.m


Pre-Conference – Coffee & Muffin
Lunch served at 1:05 p.m.
Coffee break at 2:45 p.m.

Cocktail Reception
4:45 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Randolph’s at Denver Warwick Hotel
1776 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203
*Walking distance from conference location


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Announcing Second Keynote Speaker Jason Boshoff of

Jason Boshoff, CEO of DomainHoldings.comThe Rocky Mountain Domain Conference is excited to announce our second keynote speaker – Jason Boshoff, CEO of  Jason is an experienced executive who has coordinated the development of premium enterprise technology platforms and has implemented successful enterprise SEO, PPC and lead management solutions in the rapidly growing, extremely competitive and demanding field of Internet marketing. focuses on premium domain development solutions and has also recently introduced the Rapid Domain Builder technology which can serve for mass domain monetization.  Jason will be the closing keynote speaker for RMDC 2011, a speech you will not want to miss!

Also in attendance and speaking in an open discussion is Braden Pollock a very successful domainer and business owner.  Braden founded Legal Brand Marketing, LLC and Smart Start, Alcohol Ignition Interlock Provider.  Braden is lead generation and Internet marketing guru.  We are very lucky to have Braden join us at RMDC 2011 as he is coming directly from Punta 2011 in Uruguay and then heading to DRT in the Bahamas right after our conference.   Braden will provide a great deal of insight to monetization and lead generation opportunities for those interested in developing out some of their portfolio.

RMDC 2011 is also stoked to announce that we will welcome Annalisa Roger founder of DotGreen to speak and share her expertise in new gTLD’s.  Annalisa will provide a great insight to the new gTLD process, implementation and timeline.  This will be a very informational session and one that all domainers should be interested in as new gTLD’s will be a game changer in our industry.

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Announcing Keynote Speaker: Bill Mushkin of

We’re super excited to announce one of the Keynote Speakers for the 2011 Rocky Mountain Domain Conference.  Bill Mushkin CEO and Founder of will be speaking at the first domain conference in Denver!

Bill Mushkin, CEO of

Bill Mushkin of, photo courtesy of

Mushkin, a long time entrepreneur founded a computer software company that specialized in creating memory modules (RAM) called Mushkin Inc. in 1994 which was later sold to the Ramtron Corporation.

Currently, is one of the top rated domain name registrars and handles millions of customer registrations every year and also provides services such as web hosting and drop catching aka “Domain Nabber”.  We are ecstatic to welcome Bill to the 2011 Rocky Mountain Domain Conference.

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Why You Should Attend RMDC!

In case you’re still undecided on whether or not you will attend the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference, here are a few good reasons why you should join us:

* Excellent Value – At only $45.88 for this single day event you will not find a domain industry conference priced this low ever again!  The event registration includes your conference pass, lunch and a drink ticket to the evening cocktail party.

* Learning Experience – In attendance and speaking are domain industry leaders from all over North America.  Each speaker and many attendees have experience and expertise in at least one niche in the wide field of domain investing, development, monetization and Internet marketing.  No matter your experience level, RMDC will be a great place to learn about how to make money online.  Sharing valuable tips, strategy and industry secrets is the main reason why we are organizing this event.

* Networking – A crucial part of any conference, especially in the domain space is to get out and meet others who share the same passion as you.  At RMDC 2011, speakers and guests can look forward to some fun networking activities and our location in Downtown Denver is the perfect atmosphere for a great networking experience. Additionally, there is a cocktail party planned for the evening of the conference where you will have additional time to network with your new (and old) friends and colleagues.

* Fun –  Yes you will have fun if you attend!  Have you been to a domain conference yet?  Domainers know how to have fun doing what they love!  The first RMDC event will be a more intimate gathering, which will allow us to organize a few fun activities throughout the day.  Oh yea, did I mention that everyone is invited to join myself and other speakers/guests the day after the conference at Copper Mountain for skiing/snowboarding – an experience you won’t want to miss!

That’s enough for now..  Remeber, REGISTRATION IS OPEN and LIMITED! – Online Event Registration

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Registration Open + More Speakers Added to Guest List!

Online registration for the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference is Open! The ticket price is $45.88.  This will include the single day conference pass, lunch and a ticket to the evening cocktail party.

** There is no early bird registration rate, however as our conference room is limited for the first ever RMDC, event registration is limited.  Be sure to register early to guarantee your spot at the “First Domain Conference in Denver.”

Our speaker/panel guest list is growing, fast!  Featured guests include industry leaders such as Rick Waters, Morgan Linton, Abdu Tarabichi, Sharon Hayes and many others.  We have yet to announce our keynote speakers (awaiting confirmation) but I guarantee that this will be a fantastic learning experience and networking opportunity for domainers of all experience levels.

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Update: Rocky Mountain Domain Conference

It’s been only two weeks since I announced the First Domain Conference in Denver and the planning of the event is coming along great!  I’ve added our first two speakers to the speakers page as we will be stoked to have these professionals at RMDC.  First off domain monetization guru, Morgan Linton (President of will be  joining us as a speaker and will also be snowboarding on Sunday!  Also, SEO expert Adam Torkildson (VP of Operations at will be speaking at RMDC as well.  I am really excited about announcing the next few speakers, I have been talking with some top domainers and industry leaders about coming to Denver… Stay tuned!!

In case you missed it, the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference was mentioned on the “Domain Masters”Radio Show hosted by Patrick Ruddell during the show on November 18th.  Listen to the podcast here (our mention is around 25 minute mark). Patrick AKA “Chef Patrick” mentioned that he too will probably be attending the conference and skiing!  This is really going to be a blast I know there are some serious domainers that ski and snowboard too, I hope you can join us! If you haven’t already, add your e-mail to the RMDC database by filling out our contact form – you will receive periodic updates about the conference.

Follow Rocky Mountain Domain Conference on Twitter @RMDCCO and be sure to check out our Facebook event page (within the domaining group) and let your domainer friends know you are coming or thinking of attending.

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Update: Rocky Mountain Domain Conference

I announced Monday that our first RMDC event would be in the style of a meetup.  Scratch that, we are going with a conference event!  After getting a remarkable response and positive feedback (including a mention on DNJournal’s “The Lowdown Page”) since announcing the event earlier this week,  I have decided that attendees will get the most out of a conference style meeting.  I will be working to book some excellent speakers for this event.  We’ll keep you informed as we update the speakers page.  Equally important in any domain event, there will be a good amount of time set aside for networking with attendees and speakers.

Registration fees are only $44.95 per person for early bird online registration and that will include lunch and the single day conference pass.  If you wish to register at the door (spacing may be limited!) registration is $99.95.  Attendees that want to participate in the Ski/Snowboarding excursion on Sunday will have to purchase their own lift tickets.  We’ll be working hard with the resort and transportation companies to try and get some good discount lift ticket and group transportation rates.  Let’s hit the slopes with like minded professionals and have fun!

Registration for the event will open on Tuesday, December 14th.  Anyone that has already signed up to receive information through our website has been contacted and notified of the exciting plans!  To be added to our database and receive correspondence with news and updates about RMDC sign up with your e-mail address via our CONTACT PAGE. If you have signed up and have NOT received anything from us yet, please email me and let me know so I can address any issues with the contact form.

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RMDC Kicks off by Announcing the First Rocky Mountain Domainer Meetup

First of all, I would like to welcome you to RMDC.CO – home of the “Rocky Mountain Domain Conference”.  We will be organizing several events in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region over the coming months and years!

We are looking forward to hosting the first Domain conference in this region in beautiful Downtown Denver.   Our structured domain discussion and networking event will be on Saturday Feb 26th, 2011 will be held at a private location in the heart of Downtown Denver.  We will be discussing a range of important domain investing techniques and topics.  We will also use this time to network, giving you a chance to meet other like minded domain investors to discuss strategy and build business relationships.

The Ski/Snowboarding excursion will be on Sunday Feb 27th, 2011 and anyone attending the event on Saturday will have a chance to win some free lift tickets!  I will be working with local companies to organize transportation and discounted lift tickets as well.  Tentatively, we are planning to get together at the beautiful Copper Mountain Resort which is one hour west of Denver located directly on I-70 (can’t get lost finding this place!).  This will be a great chance to ski and snowboard (I’ll be snowboarding) with other domainers and web developers.  We’ll probably try to meet up for lunch at ‘The Village’ but we will not be doing any structured session on Sunday.

If you have any interest in joining us for the first ever RMDC event in Colorado please use the contact form on the contact page. We will add you to the mailing list to keep you further up to date the upcoming event!

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