Why You Should Attend RMDC!

In case you’re still undecided on whether or not you will attend the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference, here are a few good reasons why you should join us:

* Excellent Value – At only $45.88 for this single day event you will not find a domain industry conference priced this low ever again!  The event registration includes your conference pass, lunch and a drink ticket to the evening cocktail party.

* Learning Experience – In attendance and speaking are domain industry leaders from all over North America.  Each speaker and many attendees have experience and expertise in at least one niche in the wide field of domain investing, development, monetization and Internet marketing.  No matter your experience level, RMDC will be a great place to learn about how to make money online.  Sharing valuable tips, strategy and industry secrets is the main reason why we are organizing this event.

* Networking – A crucial part of any conference, especially in the domain space is to get out and meet others who share the same passion as you.  At RMDC 2011, speakers and guests can look forward to some fun networking activities and our location in Downtown Denver is the perfect atmosphere for a great networking experience. Additionally, there is a cocktail party planned for the evening of the conference where you will have additional time to network with your new (and old) friends and colleagues.

* Fun –  Yes you will have fun if you attend!  Have you been to a domain conference yet?  Domainers know how to have fun doing what they love!  The first RMDC event will be a more intimate gathering, which will allow us to organize a few fun activities throughout the day.  Oh yea, did I mention that everyone is invited to join myself and other speakers/guests the day after the conference at Copper Mountain for skiing/snowboarding – an experience you won’t want to miss!

That’s enough for now..  Remeber, REGISTRATION IS OPEN and LIMITED!

http://www.regonline.com/rmdc – Online Event Registration

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